Yesterday was the Nationals championship competition for my tae kwon do organization.  My age division is women aged 45 and up; we had seven competitors, of which I was the youngest at 45 and the oldest being 57.  Everyone said they couldn’t wait for the first tournament of next year.

Today I watched my neighbors attempt to take their dog for a walk and only make it about 200 feet down the street before it was obviously too much for them, and they turned around and returned home.

Fitness is not only for a lifetime, it’s a lifeSTYLE.  You don’t have to do martial arts, or CrossFit, or anything specific, but some sort of fitness needs to be part of your life.  Find something enjoyable (so you’ll stick with it) and commit to it.  If you have time to scroll Facebook or Instagram, you have time to do some squats, sit ups, or push ups.  Start today!

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