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I love BravoTV, mainly for bringing me Project Runway and Top Chef.  I do NOT love the housewives shows, and the article I stumbled onto today reinforced that dislike.

Teddi Mellencamp (yes, Mellencamp) is one of the housewives and runs a fitness business called “All In by Teddi”.  The initial 2 weeks program is $599 with the monthly program $399.  You send your coach pictures of your daily weigh ins and pictures of each meal, along with an hour of cardio per day.  You can be dropped with no refund for not following their guidelines. Oh, and none of the “coaches” are certified – they’re just people who’ve done the program previously.

Reddit and other internet sources also claim that clients have to sign a non-disclosure agreement – HUGE red flag.  Below are links to some of the articles.  Research any fitness or nutrition program before committing to it.

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